Mountain Paddlers' kayaks are maintained to the highest standard.  Our fleet consists of 24 Kayaks; 16 Solos (including four 9.5ft solos which are suitable for children, teens, and small adults) and 8 Tandems.

First come - First Served - No reservations required

Kayaks Dude's 3 Hour Special:

Rent a kayak for 2 hours

get the 3rd hour FREE!

 OPENING DAY is MAY 27th - We now have 24 KAYAKS!


Rental Rates

Solo Kayak - $24 / hour

Tandem Kayak - $48 / hour


8 am - 6 pm Daily

*Weather permitting

Kayak with Altitude

On Grand Lake & Shadow Mountain Lake



Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience at Mountain Paddlers. Rent our kayaks by the hour, or try Kayak Dude's 3 Hour Special and get 3 hours for the price of 2 every day of the season. All rentals include a PFD, a safety whistle, a 5L dry bag, a waterproof watch, and of course a paddle!

We operate on a "first come, first served" basis.  Meaning we do not take reservations so that our active customers may keep their kayaks out longer than they initially rented while they're having fun on the water!